Collaborative Law is a new, but tried and successful, option for divorcing or separating couples or civil partners to resolve disputes respectfully and fairly without having the expense and added stress of having to go to court.

In the collaborative law process, you and your former partner and your solicitors sit down face to face to work out how to share your assets and to agree arrangements for any children. You set the agenda so that you talk about the things that matter most to you and to your family. You also set the pace because you are not governed by the demands of the Court.

The collaborative approach does require a genuine desire to make it work and a willingness to disclose fully and honestly information about all assets but you’ll benefit from:

  • a faster resolution – matters are quickly identified and resolved around the table rather than waiting for letters to make their way between lawyers
  • an outcome that, because you have worked on it together, will best suit the needs of your family
  • an improved ongoing relationship with your former partner – especially important when children are involved
  • the confidence of you, rather than the Court, being in control of your divorce
  • avoiding the expense and unpleasantness of court proceedings

As well as requiring the commitment of the divorcing parties the success of a collaborative divorce process depends on the specialist family lawyers who are trained to work collaboratively and who are committed to making this approach work.

With over 10 years experience as a Collaborative Divorce Lawyer Nick Wynn-Williams will be by your side throughout the process to provide his support and legal advice as you go.

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