Find protection quickly 

Our specialist family lawyers can help you take action quickly as we have all the procedures in place, enabling us to jump into action when you need protection urgently to end the anxiety, stress and fear that actual and threatened abuse or physical injury will bring.  You can be assured of our commitment to do all that is possible to protect you.

Making the decision to go ahead is never easy, so talk to us any time when you are unsure about what to do next.  We have helped many people in this situation and can talk you through what is involved and the longer term implications, putting you in touch with other people that can help you in other ways too.

To set up an initial consultation, completely free of charge and with no obligation, CALL Simon Hughes on 01902 577768 or Nick Wynn-Williams on 01902 577767.

Alternatively, ask below for a callback in confidence from one of our Wolverhampton based Family lawyers who can help.