If you are considering re-mortgaging your property it’s important to use an experienced conveyancer who can complete the advance as quickly as possible avoiding costly mistakes and delays. As accredited members of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme our expert remortgage solicitors have helped thousands of clients to make the right move providing a fast, friendly and cost effective conveyancing service.

We’d be happy to discuss how we can help you and to provide you with a detailed breakdown of costs for your re-mortgage – just give us a call now on 01902 577771 or fill in the form here [form]. The quotation is totally free and without any obligation.

To give you an idea of the various costs involved we’ll take the example of a property valued at £148,689 – which according to Land Registry figures is the average price of a property in Wolverhampton as of July 2018.

Solicitor’s Fees £900 plus VAT of £180
These cover the cost of the legal work involved in the transfer of equity.

Bank Transfer Fee £30 plus VAT of £6
We make this charge only where we need to send money electronically as part of the conveyancing transaction

Referral Fee £0.00
We don’t believe in buying business – clients choose to use us because they like the quality of our work, the speed of our service and the ability to talk directly with the solicitor dealing with their purchase – so you don’t have to pay us more so that we can pay third party referral fees

Mortgage Fee £0.00
If you are taking a mortgage from a lender who is member of UK Finance – all of the major high street banks and building societies are members – we don’t charge any additional fee for acting on the lenders behalf.

Landlord’s Fees
If yours is a leasehold property we will need to give the Landlord notice of your new mortgage following completion. The notice fee payable to the Landlord will vary dependant on the development and we won’t know the amount of this until we have been able to investigate the title and raise enquiries
Dependent on the information that you can provide us with it may also be necessary for us to raise title enquiries with your Landlord. If that is necessary the Landlord would normally charge an administration fee to provide the requested information – the fee varies dependent on the type of enquiries which have to be made.

These are the fees that have to be paid to third parties in respect of searches and registration fees which are a necessary part of the re-mortgage process:

  • Local search £82.74
  • Mining search £35.65
  • Environment search £67.32
  • Drainage search £69.98
  • Land Registry priority search £3.00
  • Land Registry registration fee – varies dependent on the amount of the advance that you take but at least £30
  • Bankruptcy search fee – £2 per person
  • AML search – £4 per person.

Search fees vary dependant on the location of the property.

Stamp Duty £0.00
Stamp Duty is not payable when re-mortgaging a property.

We’d love to help you make your remortgage a success. To find out more about our conveyancing services and to get your FREE personalised remortgage conveyancing quote CALL us now on 01902 577771 or fill in the form here