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Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards’ has revealed he’s lost around 85% of his wealth following his recent divorce. Mr Edwards’ divorce settlement shows why reforms are needed to the family justice system so as to give couples greater financial clarity according to Nigel Shepherd the Chair of Resolution, the national body of Family Law Solicitors

Eddie the Eagle

Nigel says:

“It’s refreshing to see how philosophical Eddie is about his divorce settlement – despite losing the majority of the earnings from his latest venture. When there are children involved, as in this case, it’s right and proper that their interests are at the heart of any award made.

“It’s also a reminder that there should be greater certainty and guidance for people entering the court system, so they are more aware of the potential outcomes and consequences before they start. This is one of the reforms we call for in our Family Law Manifesto.

“This should also encourage more couples to try to resolve matters away from the courts, through mediation, a collaborative process, or simply by negotiation between their solicitors.

“Without these reforms, I fear our family justice system could, much like Eddie the Eagle in 1988, be on a slippery slope.”

Divorce law relating to finances is complex and can be difficult to understand which can make it difficult for couples to reach agreement leading to costly and stressful court appearances. Rees Page’s specialist family lawyers offer expert advice to divorcing couples about how best to reach a financial settlement and avoid the stress and cost of unnecessary court action.

Based in Wolverhampton our head of department Nick Wynn-Williams is a qualified Collaborative Lawyer trained to offer resolution of financial settlements through the Collaborative process – an alternative to involving the court which reduces hostility and encourages communication to reach an outcome that best suits the needs of the whole family.

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