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Rise of the silver divorcee
Divorce rates in 2013 reached 114,720 a decrease of 2.9% in 2012 according to the official statistics.
A good sign in general but the statistics sadly show an increase in the divorce rate of the over 50’s, commonly referred to as the silver splitter. This can have a devastating impact on the husband or wife that wasn’t expecting to be dealing with a divorce in retirement.
It can have a catastrophic impact on the wife who may have been discouraged from having a career, forced to give up work when pregnant which was common practice until the 1960’s, little option but to be the stay at home parent raising the children and sacrificing their careers to support their husbands.
These women are now left in the unenviable position of having no private pension and limited capacity to obtain employment and therefore no chance of obtaining a mortgage in order to rehouse themselves.

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