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20th April 2020

I just want to share our appreciation for all of the support and advice from each of you. I especially would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all of your hard work, empathy and professionalism.

Due to you each taking the time to listen and read and ask questions and due to your sheer determination to understand and make sense of a very complicated situation, you brought my children home to a family that loves them very much and for that, Our whole family will be eternally grateful. Thank you!

Children and families are truly blessed to have such wonderful women like yourselves to advocate, advise and support them and to ensure that others don’t manipulate situations and abuse the powers bestowed on them.

I felt lost, alone and afraid. I was broken with my family in shreds and whole world torn apart. I can’t express how much I value your efforts to help resolve every single difficulty, above and beyond roles and responsibilities. Thank you!