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Nick Wynn-Williams the head of our Family Law Department in Wolverhampton is helping to pioneer a revolutionary approach which helps reduce the emotional and financial cost on couples and their children when families split.

Instead of dealing through solicitors, the new approach, called collaborative law, involves couples working with their solicitors, all together in the same room, to reach agreement without the need for costly and stressful court battles.

Sadly, family breakdown is a fact of life, but as members of Resolution, a 5700-strong group of family lawyers, we commit to minimising the financial and emotional pain it causes. We do this by adopting a conciliatory approach which puts the needs of any children involved first. Collaborative law is a natural extension of this idea. By all sitting together, we ensure that couples stay in control of their own futures, instead of leaving decisions to a judge in a courtroom.

It takes a certain kind of couple, and a special kind of lawyer – one who is focused on solutions rather than confrontation – to make it work but when it does it achieves remarkable results.

If you’d like to find out how Collaborative Law could work for you then call Nick on 01902 577779.

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