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Staffordshire Living magazine have a new article on their website looking at the options available to couples when a relationship hits hard times.

Where couples simply can’t stay together they highlight the benefits of using the collaborative law approach as an alternative to the more adversarial court proceedings.

In the collaborative divorce process the solicitors involved in the case and their clients agree to reach settlement without involving the courts through a series of face to face meetings, with parties agreeing to give full disclosure of their financial circumstances within the process By maintaining an amicable dialogue between parties the legal process is speeded up and unnecessary costs and disputes avoided.

You can find out more about the collaborative process by watching this short film from Resolution.

If you think that Collaborative Law could be the way forward for you then call Nick Wynn-Williams on 01902 577779 now. Nick is a solicitor specialising in Collaborative Divorce Law in Wolverhampton and South Staffordshire.

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