When you get involved in a dispute you can’t avoid, we will fight your corner in court if need be. However, our overriding aim is to end the dispute in the way that is likely to be most beneficial to your business. If it makes sense, we will negotiate/arbitrate/mediate a settlement to avoid the risks, uncertainty and high costs of going to court.

At the outset, we will provide you with a candid picture of your prospects of success, identify the best route for you to resolve the dispute on the best terms for you and the likely costs.

We don’t just give you the options. If we understand how you run your business, we will be pragmatic and help you make what can often be difficult decisions to either hold firm (sometimes to maintain principles) or settle, agreeing realistic fall-back positions and strategy likely to produce the best result for your business.

To set up a meeting, please call our Wolverhampton office on 01902 577715 or leave a message for us here or ask below for a callback from one of our specialist lawyers in this area.