If an employer dismisses an employee in breach of the terms of their employment contract this is known as a ‘wrongful dismissal’. Wrongful dismissal claims usually arise when an employer either fails to give their employee sufficient notice under their employment contract or doesn’t follow the procedures that they have in place for dismissing employees.

Getting the dismissal of an employee wrong can be costly and employees who have been wrongfully dismissed have the option of either bringing a tribunal claim or issuing court proceedings (in tribunal claims there is a cap of £25,000.00 on damages which can be recovered – but for claims brought in court there is no limit on damages).

Employment law advice from the specialist solicitor at Rees Page will help you to make sure that any dismissal of an employee is dealt with correctly so as to close off the risk of a claim.

If a claim for wrongful dismissal has been brought against you then Rees Page can advise you on the strength of the claim and on the options open to you to minimise any liability. You can find out more about what’s involved and what fees may be payable here.

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