Our specialist private client lawyers will see you through the difficult and often very painful events that every family will experience.

You can rely on our experience to ease the burden and guide you through the legal formalities that inevitably arise when you or a member of your family becomes incapable of managing their own affairs due to ill health or old age or when someone close to you dies.

Call us if you find that you or a member of your family find yourselves having to deal with these situations, where we can help you take the right steps quickly and with confidence. Steps from there where we can help could include, for example:

  • A “power of attorney” is an invaluable tool to help children care for ailing parents.
  • The Court of Protection is a formal procedure that is initiated when someone who hasn’t already given a power of attorney can no longer look after their own affairs; a step you probably want to avoid.
  • Probate and Administration of the estate if someone dies – to go through the essential steps of meeting the stated wishes of the deceased in their Will gathering all their assets, selling property, accounting for taxes and distributing assets and money either as stated in their Will or by default rules on “intestacy” if there is no Will.
  • Resolving or pursuing disputes over inheritance – which occur when someone feels aggrieved that they have not been provided for appropriately in a Will or where there are any other grounds to challenge the validity or effect of a Will.

To set up a meeting to deal with any of these issues, call our Wolverhampton office on 01902 577774 or leave a message for us here or ask below for a callback from one of our specialist private client lawyers .


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