Personal Representatives and Trustees are only human and they can make mistakes.  The sorts of issues that can arise include:

  • Selling property for less than it is worth because of poor valuations
  • Not selling property quickly enough, causing it to be sold for less than could have been achieved
  • Not giving the property to the intended person quickly enough 
  • Failing to insure property which subsequently gets damaged 
  • Paying the money to the wrong people 
  • A family member or friend acting as an executor or trustee can betray the trust of the deceased and act in their own self interests.

If a Personal Representative or Trustee has made a mistake or deliberately acted with the result that the estate loses value, you may be able to take legal action.

If you want to find out more about bringing a claim against an Executor or Trustee for something that they have done wrong contact one of our contentious probate lawyers now on 01902 577708.

Our Wolverhampton based contentious probate solicitors will:

  • review your options with you
  • recommend the best course of action for you and your family
  • clarify any costs that may be involved before you proceed
  • work with you every step of the way to achieve the best outcome possible

As accredited CEDR mediators our contentious probate team can explore with you whether the dispute can be resolved by way of mediation, in order to avoid the time, costs and stress of litigation and to increase the prospects of maintaining family relationships which is often a real concern in these cases.