Whether you are buying or selling a property at auction our specialist conveyancing solicitors can help.

Buying an Auction Property
It’s important that before you attend an auction and bid on a property that you are as well informed as possible about your prospective purchase. Our specialist property solicitors can provide you with expert pre-purchase advice and review the legal pack available from the auctioneers to help identify any problems with the property or issues which may prevent you obtaining a mortgage to finance the purchase.

Auction legal packs are normally published in advance of the auction and include copies of the title deeds to the property, any leases or tenancy agreements, replies to standard conveyancing enquiries and a number of property searches. It’s important that you avoid the risks of ‘buying blind’ by having these documents reviewed by one of experienced property lawyers who will be able to flag any potential pitfalls and suggest any further steps which should be taken before bidding.

You can find out more about the legal steps involved when buying at auction and the costs here.

Selling a Property at Auction
To maximise your chance of selling your property and getting the best price possible you want as many people to bid as possible and one way of ensuring that is to provide a comprehensive legal pack for potential purchasers to review.

Our specialist residential property auction lawyers can help you to prepare a comprehensive auction legal pack containing everything that a potential bidder will need to see to help ensure a speedy and stress free auction sale.

You can find out more about the legal steps involved in an auction sale and the costs here.

Why Use Rees Page Property Auction Solicitors?
We understand speed is a priority with auction properties, work on agreed timescales and keep you well-informed in whatever way works best for you; by telephone, email, post, calling in at our office; whatever makes you feel most comfortable.  Our local knowledge and experience enables us to pre-empt and address potential issues before they become a problem and to point you in the right direction if you need help from other people to make things run quickly and smoothly. 

Just ask any time if you think we can help.  You can call into our offices when you want but we’re also easy to contact by telephone phone or email if that works better for you; and we make sure we keep in touch the way that works best for you.

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