Mediation is a voluntary process which involves the use of a mediator who acts as a neutral third party to help the parties find a solution to their dispute.

Parties in conflict are increasingly turning away from the uncertainties and cost of litigation and instead choosing mediation as a means to achieve a satisfactory outcome over which they, rather than a Judge or an Arbitrator, have control.

The process typically involves a series of meetings conducted over the course of a day at which the mediator works with the parties in private to understand their real needs and concerns but also to challenge their assumptions and help them evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of their position to try and find common ground and fresh perspectives which will provide the building blocks to a settlement.

The process is confidential, flexible and provides an opportunity to achieve a quick and effective resolution without the involvement of the Courts.

Richard Ennis is accredited as a mediator by the internationally recognised Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution and has the expertise and dispute resolution experience to appreciate the issues individuals and businesses face and to actively work with the parties to reach a mutually acceptable and binding agreement.

As well as being able to act as mediators, we are also able to represent clients seeking representation at mediations.

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