Find the best way to achieve what you want

Our specialist Family Lawyers work with you to make the separation as painless as possible for you and any children.  When emotions run high, you can count on our experience to help you achieve the right balance when it comes to making difficult decisions.

They make sure that you understand your options from the outset and the best approach to achieve a realistic outcome, giving you a clear picture of the route you should follow; providing a supportive guiding hand all the way, particularly when it gets difficult.

Options to reach the best outcome for you, depending on your circumstances, include:

  • Collaborative Law
  • Mediation
  • The traditional approach – negotiating a settlement through Solicitors
  • Going through the Courts.

As a first step, we will help you decide which approach is best suited to you in your particular situation so that you start out at the beginning with a clear picture in your mind of what you are entitled to, and what can be achieved in securing a fair financial settlement for you – and any children.  

To set up an initial consultation, completely free of charge and with no obligation, CALL Beverley Willis on 01902 577738. Alternatively complete the callback form below.